• The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

    We were invited by Netflix to bid on an animated sequence in the second season of "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt".

  • Our Gang part 1

    by Rob

    I thought it would be fun to make a collage of our favorite characters. Clearly, it's going to take more than one...

  • Feathers Of Fire


    Rob recently completed sound design for the new Shadow Play “Feathers Of Fire” which premieres in San Francisco 1/16, and opens at BAM in Brooklyn on 2/5. Director Hamid Rahmanian with illustration and puppet design by Syd Fini.

    SF NYC
  • Panoramic Taiwan

    Led by Executive Director Vick Wang, So!'s Taipei team created an immersive 360° experience for the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in Taichung.

  • Congratulations Everbright Media Team for Top Honors

    Led by Director Rob Cazin and Creative Director Lauri Salladay, So! and Engine created, developed and produced Everbright’s flagship series: Learn Our History and MoneyBright Kids, helping launch Everbright Media into the Inc. Magazine top honors. Starting development in NYC in late 2011, So! set up shop in West Palm Beach to service the shows from early 2014 until late 2015. Instrumental in the development of the second series was Story Artist Yuria Watanabe, Andrew Higgins, Syd Fini and Michael Stegeman.

  • The Money Master Takes Shape

    Michael Stegeman is our compositor and he’s genius at making information graphics. There are a lot of these info segments in every episode. When we do our script read-thru, the information seems so dry. But by the time he is finished and Rob Cazin adds sound effects, they just look like effortless fun.

  • New Recording Studio Completed

    Designed by Composer & Sound Designer Rob Cazin, the new two-room studio will service VO and Sound Design for current and new projects, as well as provide a relaxing composing environment.

  • But Can He Juggle?

    This series is a testament to multi-tasking, multi-talented team members. Rob Cazin is not only directing these episodes, he’s composing the score and producing the final mix. Check out this great sequence.

  • The Power of Great Pre-Production

    At this point, our Story Artist, Yuria Watanabe has developed boards for about thirty episodes of LOH and three for MBK. Together with our editor and line producer, Andrew Higgins, they’ve gotten so good at communicating their vision to the terrific animation team in Taiwan. Check out how frame-accurate this animatic is to the final segment!

  • MBK Concept Art 2

    Early concept frame for Capital Diner, by Syd Fini.

  • MBK Concept Art 1

    Exploratory image created by Story Artist Yuria Watanabe.

  • So! Begins Development on Second Series

    On the heels of the breakout succes, Learn Our History, MoneyBright Kids teaches kids how to save, spend wisely, and develop a healthy relationship with money.

  • LOH Headed for Graphic Novel Status?

    A poster created by one of our in-house storyboard artists, Syd Fini.

  • The road to success is always under construction.

    Seriously, this is getting to be ridiculous!

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  • Grace Under Pressure

    We just delivered the pilot episode for MBK. We’re really proud of it. It was a very fast turnaround given we had our first concept meeting in February. Rob’s pipeline proved extremely robust and when we got into post-production we felt really confident we’d deliver on time. But in production there are always surprises :) Once in editing, we realized we’d forgotten to develop the kids’ online chat sequence. (Yikes!) Our Story Artist, Yuria Watanabe, designed and developed all of this in one night!

  • Money Bright Kids Hits the Ground Running

    If there were an award for “against all odds” production, this opening animation would have won. On May 20th, we were given the commission to deliver this open by July 1st. Keep in mind that our models weren’t rigged or textured (I don’t think Alexa had been modeled yet) and we hadn’t found our voice actors. Lot’s of credit goes to Syd Fini for a great concept that worked so well with the limited assets we were able to get ready in time for production.

  • MBK Characters take shape

    We are so happy to be working with Rares Halmagean again! Rares has created many of So’s iconic character models (he created all the political characters for “I Want Your Money” and the “beautiful people” for Atlantiia.)
    This time around, Rares is designing AND modeling all the characters for the series. Here are the “Kids” in progress. (As with all first-borns, Aidan got the most attention.)


    This is the second series we’ve created for Everbright Media and - so far - it’s a very different process. The budgets for both series are very tight, so the challenge is to add this second series without adding to our facility costs. (No additional crew can be hired on our end.) As the writer, Rob Travelino, is outlining the first five scripts, our Director (Rob Cazin) and Story Artist (Yuria Watanabe) are reverse engineering the Series’ production pipeline and design to best utilize our great team here in West Palm and our animation partners (Engine Studios) in Taiwan.

  • Kelly O

    We went through many versions to get to the final, after much scrutiny by Mrs. Osborne. Agency, RKRC London. Rendering by Joe Bluhm

  • Oleg the Taxi Man Hits Prime Time

    As the broadcasting world grasped at straws...

  • Honors & Awards

    So! Animation is the honored recipient of 1 Emmy Award, 1 RedStick Award, 2 gold promax awards, 3 silver promax awards, 3 gold BDA awards, 5 silver BDA awards, 5 silver Telly Awards and 7 bronze Telly Awards. Farminals was showcased at the 2003 Cartoons On The Bay Pulcinella Awards.

  • Mr. Tall

    Concept art for the series.

  • Studio Moments

    Fun times, with Joe Bluhm, Rob Cazin, Jin-Lin Chin and Raffaele Scaduto-Mendola.

    Brian Haimes watches as Joe Bluhm develops an illustration.

  • Buster Comes to Life

    With design by Tomas Andreasson and custom rigging designed by Rob Cazin, our newest cast member has the most realistic facial expression yet.

  • What a Lucky Man, Blim Wasn't

    Born soon after the turn of the millenium, Blim the Lucky Dog Man tried desparately to break into the world of media. Alas, the Universe was not in line with Blim.